Boots Riley’s “I’m a Virgo” is his most daring and socially acutely aware work so far, and its ending nonetheless has our heads spinning. The “fantastical coming-of-age joyride” stars Jharrel Jerome as a 13-foot-tall awkward teen named Cootie dwelling in Oakland, CA, who, for the primary time in his sheltered life, ventures out into the town to find the whole lot he is ever missed out on — from younger love and friendship to his obsession with Bing-Bang burgers. Most of all, although, the Prime Video sequence spotlights the cruel realities of being Black in America.

Over the course of seven episodes, now streaming, viewers step into Cootie’s whimsical and barely miserable world as he navigates all that his overprotective aunt and uncle (Carmen Ejogo and Mike Epps) have warned him about since he was a child. However Cootie’s curiosity is simply too sturdy to discourage him from exploring his environment — even after they begin to villainize him, turning him into the locally-known “Twamp Monster.” Whereas the primary half of the absurdist darkish comedy focuses on Cootie’s self-discovery journey, the latter half kicks into excessive gear when the demise of certainly one of Cootie’s associates, Scat (Allius Barnes), pushes the previous to steer a revolt towards injustice — for himself and his uncared for Oakland neighborhood.

After years of staying tucked away due to his aunt and uncle’s personal fears, Cootie lastly fights again within the last episode of “I’m a Virgo” when he faces off together with his idol: a superhero aptly named The Hero (Walton Goggins). Although Cootie finally ends up getting badly overwhelmed on the street and virtually taken away to jail, a shocking twist lets him off the hook and seemingly saves his neighborhood from the oppression of The Hero’s wrath — all because of a political speech from Cootie’s good friend Jones (Kara Younger).

So, how precisely does Jones’s message save the day, and what’s the actual which means behind “I’m a Virgo”‘s advanced ending? Learn forward for a full breakdown.

“I’m a Virgo” Ending, Defined

“I’m a Virgo” is a spectacle right down to its epic conclusion, which sees Cootie conjure up a giant scheme to take again management over his neighborhood. All of it begins again in episode three, although, as an injured Scat is turned away at a hospital and left to die outdoors from his stab wound. This spurs a riot within the subsequent episode between the neighborhood and legislation enforcement, throughout which Cootie decides to spray-paint Scat’s identify on a wall in remembrance of him. Confused by the act, The Hero knocks Cootie out and drags him via the road chained up, which viewers later be taught is in the end to fill a void in The Hero’s superhero world.

As he explains within the last episode, he needed to take down Cootie as a result of he is by no means truly defeated a villain in actual life (not like within the comedian books he is well-known for), so he wanted a cause to make Cootie look like the dangerous man. The ripple impact ends in a smear marketing campaign towards Cootie within the media, through which many name for him to be locked up for good. It is precisely what Cootie’s aunt and uncle have been warning him about. However Cootie says he is decided to “make villains the new heroes” — which he units out to do together with his grand plan: a heist.

All through the present, the lights continuously flicker in Cootie’s neighborhood as a way for these in energy to regulate the neighborhood with rolling blackouts. So in episode six, Cootie proposes to his associates (sans Jones), household, and some neighborhood allies that they steal the regulator on the native energy plant that is inflicting the blackouts as a result of if electrical energy flows freely, it means equality for everybody.

Their plan is not too profitable, although, as a result of after they destroy the regulator in episode seven, it is virtually instantly changed they usually’re all caught red-handed by The Hero. He and Cootie ultimately face off once more after The Hero methods the 13-foot-tall teen into calling a truce. He then chains Cootie up on the street and bashes his face repeatedly till Jones intervenes. She begs The Hero to let her clarify why he is improper for attempting to haul Cootie away, lastly getting his consideration.

As Jones breaks down via an in depth and immersive demonstration, The Hero is a part of a capitalistic system that causes crime to exist. Citing points like unemployment, poverty, and violence, she explains that America’s system is about as much as make it almost inconceivable for marginalized communities to flee their poor financial circumstances. The Hero’s function within the system contributes to the vicious cycle, and as an alternative of attempting to cease it, he solely fuels it, Jones factors out. Feeling guilt from Jones’s speech and his actions, The Hero flies away and lets Cootie go free.

Shocked that her speech truly moved The Hero, Jones asks Cootie how he knew it will work, to which he merely replies via the present’s title card, “I’m a Virgo.”

Will “I’m a Virgo” Get a Season 2?

At the moment, it is unclear if “I’m a Virgo” may have one other season. It could possibly be handled like a restricted sequence because it solely has seven episodes, however the present’s ending suggests there could also be extra to discover. Over the course of the sequence, Cootie’s plagued with a mysterious rash rising on his torso, which grossly begins to bubble by the tip of the present. He pokes round at it within the last body of episode seven and opens up a sore that exhibits one thing scaly beneath. The display screen then cuts to black.

Whereas that could possibly be a touch that “I’m a Virgo” is not fairly completed, solely time will reveal if Prime Video renews the sequence.